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Our Brands

With more than half a century of expertise garnered in the Irish Motor Industry, Gowan Auto is the exclusive importer and distributor of Peugeot (since 1969), Honda (since 1984), Opel (since 2019), DS (since 2020), Citroen (April 2021) and Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Fiat Professional, and Jeep, (December 2021) in Ireland, backed by strong franchise networks of dealers throughout the Republic of Ireland. Representing nine giant automotive brands in Ireland, we are the proud Importer of eight Stellantis brands, one of the World’s biggest automotive companies with industrial operations in 30 countries and a commercial presence in 130 markets worldwide. 


Today, Gowan Auto is a leading automotive company in Ireland, serving as the proud representative of a diverse range of renowned motor brands, each with a unique personality and incredible history, peppered with innovation, technological prowess, and finesse, offering Irish motorists a wide choice of reliable, efficient, and stylish options to meet their driving preferences.


We proudly represent the following motoring brands in Ireland



Established in 1910, Alfa Romeo is a true automotive icon. Having developed a number of beautiful cars and earned a rich racing heritage, the brand in equally as famous for its stunning styling as it is for the superb driving experience its vehicles offer. Alfa Romeo’s ability to produce passion evoking motor vehicles continues to captivate enthusiasts worldwide. A blend of timeless design and cutting-edge technology asserts the distinctive nature of the brand.


Founded by André Citroën in 1919, Citroën is one of the oldest and most loved vehicle manufacturers in the world. Renowned for innovation, boldness and creativity, Citroën values have always centred on well-being for people and the planet. Always challenging industry norms, Citroën’s emphasis on comfort and well-being led to pioneering world’s first innovations such as the famous Citroën pneumatic suspension, delivering unrivalled passenger comfort. While most car manufacturers are still talking about size, features, speed, and equipment, Citroën believes we should talk about recycled materials, innovation, caring for both people and the planet equally. This will be the guiding force for future Citroën models; owners being comfortable that their car purchase is not at odds with caring for the planet.



Driven by the spirit of the avant-garde and backed by an exceptional heritage, DS Automobiles, launched in Ireland in 2021, aims to embody the French art of travel. Remarkable products, discernible French luxury savoir-faire, coupled with a suite of bespoke services, the DS Brand offers a unique experience before, during and after every journey. DS Automobiles is the automotive brand that draws inspiration from the French luxury industry. Thanks to this inspiration, DS is able to bring to the automotive sector the confidence and advanced technology that sets DS apart and offers a new experience to our clientele. With New DS 3, DS 4, New DS 7 and DS 9, the DS brand offers a global range.



Since the brands inception in 1899, FIAT has grown to become the largest automobile manufacturer in Italy. Having been in the Irish market for over 100 years, FIAT’s vehicles are renowned for seamlessly combining style and practicality into an economical package. FIAT brighten up the automotive landscape with the attractive designs and fun colours of their vehicles. The automaker offers a unique mixture of reliability, affordability and Italian Flair that brings joy to drivers globally.


FIAT Professional produce a range of practical and durable commercial vehicles. The brands vehicles are loved by professionals in a variety of fields from taxi drivers to tradesmen. The reliability and value of FIAT Professional vehicles has made it the go-to solution for small businesses and multinational giants. The brands dynamism continues to innovate how professionals use their commercial vehicles.



Founded in 1948, Honda’s esteemed reputation for engineering excellence is well documented. The Japanese automotive giant’s reliability and fuel efficiency has impressed consumers globally for decades. Honda’s commitment to producing enthusiast vehicles has pushed the envelope of what is possible for automobiles. Honda’s innovative technology and high-quality vehicles continue to make it a popular choice for drivers seeking dependable and environmentally-friendly transportation solutions.

JeepAvengerHP17.jpg (1).jpeg


Jeep, established in 1941, has long been developing iconic vehicles that are as capable off-road as they are on-road. With a rich history rooted in military utility, Jeep has evolved into a global symbol of off-road prowess, offering a diverse lineup of SUVs that seamlessly blend off-road capabilities with modern comfort and style. From the refined Grand Cherokee to the electrified Avenger, Jeep continues to capture the spirit of adventure and exploration.


Opel is one of the largest European car manufacturers, represented in more than 60 countries, and a leader in CO2 emissions reduction. First founded by Adam Opel in Rüsselsheim in 1862, Opel has entered a significant new era as the exclusive German automotive brand within the Stellantis group, enjoying a richly deserved reputation for precision engineering excellence. Backed by Opel’s continued progress in eMobility, Opel will focus entirely on electric vehicles in Europe from 2028. With an instantaneously recognisable Bold and Pure design signature, and represented in Ireland by a 32-strong Dealer Network, Opel is armed with a diverse range of multi-award-winning passenger cars and light commercial vehicles to suit every motoring need and desire.



If you commit to Peugeot, Peugeot commits to you. So when you make a purchase, you get more than a car - you get a relationship that lasts a lifetime. It's about enjoying priceless peace of mind, from the big wins to the small details. To stay true to and deliver on our brand promise, we are committed to the craft of invention. It’s been our driving force since 1810 – and always will be. We’re driven by the desire to breathe allure, excitement and magnetism into our cars and services. From the legendary 504 to the classic 205, via today’s iconic 3008 with its unrivalled i-Cockpit®, we leave our mark on every generation.

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